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12-29-17 Larger Than Life, Liberal Arts Educations and Global Leadership~ A Conversation with Kirby Talley

Dr. Miller takes a different approach with this show and explores a presentation by a college colleague, Kirby Talley. This episode addresses some of the biggest questions in our lives–even some questions that are Larger Than Life! In this very highly experiential presentation we will touch on life, and how we got to where we are, personally as well as nationally and globally. Will talk a bit about death, eternity, the deterioration of higher education into vocational training, the co-opting of our culture by high tech hucksters, and they’re kind of leadership that we now need–one that is based on deeper values, a meaningful mission, collective intelligence, and collective wisdom. This show is different from the usual and Conversations in that the guest is not physically present; instead, it features Dr. Miller reading and adding to a talk given by Kirby, who attended Trinity College with Dr. Miller and gave a talk at their 50th class reunion. Impressed by what he heard, Doctor Miller asked if he could edit some of his own thoughts into this talk and present it along with guided imagery and music. The guided imagery is woven throughout the presentation in order to allow a deeper understanding of the ideas and principles offered. “What struck me is, that also our paths in life has been extremely different, some of our viewpoints and conclusions are remarkably similar. I think you will enjoy this somewhat experimental presentation.”

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