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07-14-21 “Knowing” Movie Talk

To understand the movie “Knowing” David explains; “There is no past, present and future construct. That was made up by the ego, to cover over the present moment, which is before time was. Before Abraham was, I am Jesus taught 2000 years ago. Jesus says in the course, we are reviewing mentally, what is already gone by. So of course, if you believe the body is life. If you believe in organic and biological life, If you believe the flesh is alive and not just a bunch of images. Then, you believe in the loss of life like in plane crashes, tsunamis, floods, and tragedy. But it’s really the belief in the ego, which is a belief in separation from your creator that is the tragedy. It’s a belief in your mind. It’s not on the screen, because it made the screen. It made all those bodies, it literally peopled the world. It made everything of time and space as a defense against the truth of love. The truth of Christ, the truth of God. But I can tell you everything converges in the miracle because the miracle simply helps you see the false as false. The miracle does show you that the past is past and gone.

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