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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan10-30-23 Wisdom for Making Your Wishes Come True with Katie Malloy Ramaci

Discover the secrets to turning your deepest desires into reality with Katie Malloy Ramaci on Episode 38 of the Look for the Good Podcast. Katie, the visionary founder of Women of Wisdom, shares her incredible journey of leaving the corporate world to follow her heart’s true joy. Get ready for an exhilarating conversation filled with laugh-out-loud stories, sage advice, and the kind of wisdom that resonates down to your very socks. Learn how to shout out your dreams to the Universe and push past the naysayers with grace and gusto. Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite your passions and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Tune in now and let Katie’s journey inspire your own leap into greatness!

Katie Malloy RamaciBIO: Katie Malloy Ramaci is a passionate advocate for healing. Katie believes that everything (in one way, shape or form) is about healing and empowering people and that all decisions are made from one of two places…either from love or from fear. Women of Wisdom is an expression of that belief.  For the last 25+ years  she has dedicated her life to offering healing through a variety of means to all those that  search for empowerment , growth, peace, joy, hope and most importantly—  more love in their life.  Love gives us courage and strength when we think it’s too hard. It inspires us to reach out when we’ve lost hope or offer a hug to someone who is alone. Love enables us to be so much more empowered than we ever conceived ourselves to be. Love is the greatest motivator to all the goodness in this world and beyond! And when we have more love within, we have so much more to share. What we give out to the world comes back exponentially and we become invested in each other’s choices and happiness. The world becomes a better place. Katie is the proud mother of two wonderful people, does the buying and manages the gift shop and holistic center along with an amazing staff.  She is also the Director of The Schools of Wisdom, offering unique intensive programs for a well rounded perspective and lifestyle. Katie has been studying metaphysics for over 35 years and the healing arts for 25+ years. She has a private practice where she assists people in healing their life, empowering their dreams and daring to be their best self. She teaches programs to provide the tools needed for you to heal every aspect of your life.

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