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04-21-21 Jesus

Hi everyone. Welcome. You are in for a treat today, with our movie for today is, Jesus of Nazareth. Some of you may be familiar with this Franco Zeffirelli Jesus movie. It’s basically about six and a half hours long so we made a mini movie to show today for you of 2 hours.

The demonstration that Jesus was the symbol that Jesus is for our mind that warms our heart that draws us deeper into a remembrance of who we all are as the Christ, the perfect creation of an amazing, wonderful loving God.

The themes that we will look at in this movie are coming in, being a clear channel for Spirit, wanting peace of mind as my only goal and I don’t need to belong to the world. That’s a good one. So, this is a beautiful opportunity for us to really go deep into our own hearts, and experience Jesus’s love and guidance, his, instructions for us to unwind from the ego belief system, to go through a dismantling of the image, the persona, the self concept that we have believed in is real, and let that be rinsed away washed away, it’s like the, the self concept is like as a stain in the split mind. And that’s why the mind seems to be split is because it believes in something that God didn’t create. So, actually, when your life in the world starts to fall apart. You know, take heart, do not be sad, do not lament the world do not lament the self concept that the ego made, because it’s not happy. It’s a very fearful guilt ridden painful self concept, and we want it washed away. Jesus of course is like a great symbol of a Wayshower coming to us as an answer to a prayer of our heart to be happy to know true freedom to know joy. Jesus is the answer to that prayer in our heart. And that’s where there’s tremendous gratitude for that answer.

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