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01-05-21 James John, a hybrid of Arcturian & Pleiadian races, helping those Upgrading in Light Coding

James John shares: I am a hybrid of the Arcturian and Pleiadian races. I am here to help those upgrading in light coding. You can receive your light coding through my energy, speaking and patterns through your conscious and subconscious belief systems.

James John is a spiritual advisor who teaches LAF ~ Love, Appreciation and Forgiveness, as well as being an international speaker, author, healer, messenger and founder of the LAF Kids Club. Despite “having it all”, James John found himself alone in the darkness of a deep depression. He describes himself as being beyond suicidal and feeling unworthy to live. In his darkest moment, he experienced a massive shift in consciousness which completely transformed his life. James John became aware of his true nature, the roll of the ego and how everything is connected. He founded LAF ~ Love, Appreciate, Forgive in 2015 to help spread his message of self-love, forgiveness and surrender as a path to inner peace and unconditional love for all things.

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