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James Harvey, Mayoral Candidate for Memphis, TN09-21-23 James Harvey, Mayoral Candidate for Memphis, TN

Scarlett Lewis and her guest, James Harvey, mayoral candidate for Memphis, TN discuss the safety, health and well-being of our schools, homes and communities. They talk about the importance of taking responsibility for what is happening in our communities, the first step being to vote for leaders who have the courage to implement solid policies that will benefit all constituents. James is planning for a better Memphis including working with and supporting local civic leadership to improve the police force and reduce juvenile crime. He is one of the few that prioritizes our children’s safety, health and well-being and will make sure this is reflected in our schools, homes and communities. James believes in the importance of teaching our youth essential life skills that will help them to choose love over fear, create and maintain healthy connections and a deep sense of belonging that they can use to build a better tomorrow. Join Scarlett and James for this forward-thinking conversation on how we can all be part of the solution to make our communities safer for everyone. Check out James Harvey’s website for more information on his campaign,,

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