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Invisible Courage with Filomena Tripp11-01-17  Invisible Courage with Filomena Tripp

Filomena Tripp had a dream, ad dream she held in her heart for a very long time. That dream was to write a book that told the story of her life in a way that would inspire people to live the life they were created to live. There were hundreds of situations along her journey that suggested she should give up. Giving up was not an option for Filomena. Her book, Invisible Courage, was not written to simply fulfill a dream. It was written to fulfill a mission. She recalls hearing the stories of how she would not live beyond her toddler years. Words of doubt, ridicule and rejection echo in her mind. All along the way, Mrs Tripp heard the voice of the One who created her. That voice deep within her heart has always been her guiding light. While many people along the way discounted the value of her live, many people offered her their assistance. Throughout life she learned a great deal about pain. That pain showed her the way to love. Throughout life she learned of sorrow. That gave way to joy.  Throughout life Filomena was shown defeat. Those lessons gave rise to success. If you enjoy a story that lifts the spirit, Invisible Courage is for you. If you have faced any challenge whatsoever, this book is for you. If your heart longs for a powerful transformational story, you will find it between the pages of Invisible Courage.

Bio: Filomena Tripp was born in October 8, 1955 in Sao Miguel, Azores, She lives in New Bedford, Massachusetts with her husband, James. She  is an Independent Living Specialist at Southeast Center for Independent Living in Fall River, Massachusetts.

She has spoken at numbers conferences and rallies, including Sao Miguel, Azores where she spoke before a large gathering of disabled children and their families. She works tirelessly for people with disabilities, encouraging many to live life to their fullest potential.

Filomena received awards from The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commision and Southeast Center for Independent Living.

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