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Intuition_What if the journey through cancer became a spiritual pilgrimage–the doorway to consciousness and renewal? In 2012, spiritual teacher and intuitive Sara Wiseman was diagnosed with melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of cancer. During two surgeries and the recovery that followed, she struggled with physical pain and fear. But Sara had extraordinary resources. Even before treatment started, she worked intensively to combine traditional medicine with the healing tools in her unique spiritual toolkit, including prayer, meditation, intuition, visualization, working with Divine guides, and sound healing. Miracles happened for Sara through the healing system she created, and today she is considered cured.

Seven self-healing meditations are included: * Overcoming anxiety and fear * Tuning into the state of your body * Receiving healing from Divine guides and angels * Receiving support from departed loved ones * Healing your body at a cellular level * Shifting your vibration to gratitude and bliss * Surrendering to the miracle of your Divine nature.

Purchase on Amazon: Intuition, Cancer & Miracles: A Passage of Hope & Healing

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