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Kelly-Into White LightWhat happens to a soul after death? What is a register? What is it like in heaven? What is the best way to pray? Can the Bible and the Rue be viewed as accurate historical religious records or something else? These are some of the spiritual questions which are explored in Into the White Light. The author was awakened by a big, bright white light. As a professional psychic and medium she identified the energy as coming from a divine source. In subsequent visions the presence identified himself as Archangel Michael. As overseer of the Virtues and guide to light workers, he telepathically channeled a profoundly amazing body of spiritual myths, truths, and prophecies to the author. It begins with the time of the Creation and ends with prophecies for the 21st century, including the discovery of a new planet the angel calls Nebulon. It reads like a sacred book in the depth of knowledge the angel shared because he told the author these truths as parables. It is a profoundly enlightening book for all faiths and for anyone on a spiritual path!

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