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11-07-18  Into The Mystic Part 3

We take our next step “Into the Mystic” – an online retreat that was offered in September 2018. This week David Hoffmeister reminds us that Jesus is calling us out of this world, into our mind, with the shared purpose of forgiveness. When we are facing our fears, nothing is going wrong – and we are not alone, for we have the Holy Spirit with us.

We dive deep into Lesson 47 of A Course in Miracles: “God is the strength in which I trust”, where we are assured that God is our safety in every circumstance. It is not by trusting ourselves that we will gain confidence, but the strength of God in us.

Over the coming weeks, we will showcase more of this wonderful event. Our online retreats are held on the first weekend of the month. Click here for more information about all events with David and Living Miracles:

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