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01-22-19 Inspired Living with Regina Meredith

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Regina Meredith about finding grace and inspiration amidst the twists and turns and challenges of life.  Regina describes experiences–including paranormal experiences–that have made the biggest impact on her life, and shares insights into how she has managed to consistently rediscover faith, courage, and inspiration.  Regina provides insider insights into how people can have extraordinary, exceptional experiences yet remain untainted by other peoples’ judgments.

Regina Meredith is best-selling author of the new book, “Accidentally On Purpose: Tripping through Life with Regina” and others.  Regina is a pioneer in the world of conscious media, and is one of the most respected TV hosts and bloggers in the world of esoteric studies, health discoveries, politics, and secret agendas. As the co-founder of Conscious Media Network, host of Open Minds on Gaia TV and the founder of her own free streaming video network, Regina reaches millions with messages of hope, inspiration, and enlightenment.  Regina’s website is:

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