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IMMORTALITY NOW AND FOREVER! “LIFE FROM THE SUMMIT POINT OF VIEW!” In this book on the Immortal Essence of our ever on-going lives, Dr. Linda poses the provocative question: Are death, dying, disease and aging ideas born of Spiritual Perfection, or are they of the Mortal Mind? If not, perhaps “Now is the Time” to let go of these debilitating concepts forever, and begin to live your every moment from the consciousness of your Divine and Immortal Life and Gifts. Learn how to avail yourself of the radiant properties already within you, and enhance every moment by living in the consciousness of utmost Divine and Imperishable Realities…abiding forever in the elixir of Divine Truth, bringing Heaven to Earth! Dr. Linda reveals the luminous Truths of Being and offers Enlightening Keys on How to Extend Your Life indefinitely, through the realization of the “Immortal I Am within.” ~ ever transcendent of time and experience, ever empowered to rise anew.

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