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03-24-21 I AM 

Here is a movie workshop that took place last week we recommend you watch the movie as well as listening to David’s commentary. Here is a Netflix link where you can watch the movie if you wish:

The movie that we have today is called “I AM” and is going to really help us as we really explore within our own mind, in our own consciousness this journey toward the light to go deeper and deeper inside.  Today’s movie is to help give you the inspiration to give your life in a very devoted way over to God. And what I like about this movie is the main character, who will be making the documentary, and includes himself in the documentary, he became very successful in the world’s terms, and he was an excellent student. He, excelled in sports, he excelled in all the things that are available to a youngster growing up in the eastern East Coast United States, and then became a very very successful movie maker, and director. I would say that was one of his greatest skills he has is that of a storyteller. We know in all the great traditions the Native American traditions and traditions all over the world, that storytelling is a very important part of passing on wisdom and passing on lessons to everyone in the tribe, whether it seems to be a smaller tribe or a larger tribe or a global tribe. I’m speaking of a man named Tom Shadyac, and he’s Christian man, a very bright man who made movies I think his first hit, was with Jim Carrey called Ace Ventura.

So many times you hear children say I love singing, or I loved playing basketball in the backyard or I enjoy these different aspects of my life. And then at some point, the make a living question comes in. In other words, you’re supposed to succeed. That’s the point is to not barely survive but to succeed, to have material success. And that’s very much a part of the programming here on earth. I don’t think really if you look at the teachings of Buddha or the teachings of Jesus or Ramana Maharshi, you’d ever hear Ramana going now go out and make a good living and be the best that you can be in the world or Jesus never seem to be encouraging people to succeed in terms of the world. You know I am calling you out of the world. That doesn’t sound like an encouragement to succeed in the world. The ego has a great investment in you not experiencing your I Am nature, your spirit, nature, it has a huge investment in fact it made up all of time and space. It made up this world with one purpose in mind to keep you from remembering who you are as a perfect child of God. So the entire system of time and space, and its successes is designed to completely keep you distracted and searching in the wrong direction. So Jesus says “seek not outside yourself for it will fail and you will weep each time an idol falls”

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