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I Am Enough English VersionI Am Enough Cover Spanish“I AM Enough!” is the first book in the Journey of Joy series. The series delves into issues of self-esteem, integrity and authentic happiness in a fun and experiential way. Through the eyes of a seven year old girl named Joy, we meet new and unexpected friends along her path to choosing a more joyful life. “I AM Enough!” begins with the story of Joy’s disappointment about not making the soccer team. She ultimately finds her confidence as she helps a baby dragon named Fred find his power inside himself. Fred’s friend Glitter, a beautiful butterfly, enlightens and amazes the pair with tales of unlimited possibilities and positive I AM statements. They enjoy their journey together getting stuck in the mud, noticing the beauty of nature and creating a fun game to support each other’s awesomeness. They truly discover how to be in their happy place, enjoying each moment no matter where they are. If your kids like this book, they will LOVE the next two in the Matrix Productions Journey of Joy series: “I AM Unique & Awesome!” and “I AM Great!”. What people are saying: “In a world where our children are bombarded with constant negativity “I AM Enough” is a great book to help children see that they can be whatever they choose to be and how they can count on each other no matter their differences. It is a must read for every child and I am looking forward next one.” ~Daniel Gutierrez, Best Selling Author, Global Speaker and Teacher, Master Business/Life Coach * It’s inspiring to find a children’s book series that gets to the heart of why we’re here and to enjoy life’s journey. It is truly compelling. It reinforces your child’s strong sense of self, the essence of what every parent wants for their precious child. I highly recommend. ~Shawne Duperon, 6 Time EMMY award winner, Project Forgive, Founder * I loved reading them! They send out a very positive message to kids in a very adorable manner and I’m certain that this is the kind of series that leaves an impact on any kid’s life and molds their character. I’m sure kids would love this series thoroughly. ~Barbara Carey, Author, Editor

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