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03-20-16 Humanity Creating Evolutionary Change

We are living in evolutionary times, tumultuous yet exciting change and movement towards a kinder compassionate society. One that  thinks of humanity as a whole, realizing  from a conscious perspective we are all from the same Source, created together unique but the same, with no separation from our Source or each other or any other life on the planet. Our choices are key to where we evolve. Do we want a world of hate and violence, or one of community and compassion?

We all thrive on LOVE!

Collectively we are learning how our thoughts can affect our bodies, and even change society. Large numbers of people are experiencing profound spiritual awakenings; many are identifying with their gifts, their soul calling with eagerness to share what they have learned. We have been moving from a materialism mindset to a compassionate oneness, asking how can we heal our planet and ourselves. Together as a heart based society we are co-creating an extraordinary existence for humanity and all life in general not only for this planet but also for the multiverse.

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