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Devon Allard07-16-21 Devon Allard – High Vibe Honey

Join Pam Patalano and Mike Mooney, as they sit down with Devon Allard as the Awakened Soul Story of the week. Devon is an amazing and beautiful soul, or as we say in the Spiritual realm DEVON is FAIRY Energy!

Here is a little about Devon in her own words:

I’m Devon, first and foremost mother to the sweetest little girl, a certified Reiki Master, Mindset & Manifestation Coach, founder of the High Vibe Honey brand, A multi-business owner, and soon-to-be Hypnotherapist. Over the last decade, after building multiple businesses, it has become clear to me that working with energy and helping others to raise their vibrations is more than just my passion, it’s my purpose.

Once I started on this spiritual path of growth and personal development, I couldn’t stop it, even if I wanted to. I have poured over an endless number of books, podcasts, YouTube videos, courses & coaching on the subjects of energy, mindset & manifestation. Whatever I could get my hands on, I just had to have it! I have made understanding the connection between energy, manifestation, the mind, and source/god/universe my life’s mission, and to help every beautiful soul that I can along the way.

This is much bigger than me & my life. This is about the empowerment and divine feminine activation of you, your mother, your sister, your daughters, and your friends. Can you imagine a world where we all are the most incredible, healed, and powerful versions of ourselves?

Loving yourself properly so that you can love others the way you are meant to. It’s about sharing your own unique, personal gifts and showing them to the world with pride. It’s about being authentically, and unapologetically YOU and having that be enough. It’s about creating the life of your DREAMS and welling up with tears of gratitude, love, & connection as you watch it unfold right before your eyes. It’s about infusing your life with the energy of elated celebration. It’s about living the life you know deep down you were meant to live. You are worthy. You are capable. You are deeply loved. You are divine magic.

It’s time to claim it. It’s already yours.

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