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Healthy Models for Relationships-Barbara BergerWhat do healthy relationships look like? Most of the difficulties we face on a daily basis have to do with our relationships – be it with our partners, families, children, parents – or with our friends, neighbors or colleagues at work. This is why most of us really want to know how we can best get along with other people. What do healthy couple relationships look like? What do healthy families look like? What are the characteristics of respectful, constructive conversations? How can we best navigate through the challenges we meet in our daily lives and disagree with our friends, colleagues and families in a respectful way without running away or going on the attack? Is it possible to speak respectfully and reach compromises which function for everyone involved? In short, what do healthy relationships look like? Barbara Berger’s answer to these important questions are her Healthy Models which describe what healthy relationships look like in practice. The value of these Healthy Models is that when we have clear models of how healthy behavior looks, we can then compare our own relationships to these models and identify what is not working in our relationships. And this can be a big help because then we can begin to work to improve our relationships. The book is packed with practical techniques and exercises.

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