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HEALING: Beyond Pills & PotionsIn HEALING: Beyond Pills & Potions, Dr. Steve Bierman restores Mind to its rightful place in the realm of health and healing. In doing so, he not only teaches how simple refinements of everyday communication can be used to achieve stunning outcomes; he also explains the powerful principles that drive ideas to actualization, and thereby lays the foundation for deep and lasting cures.

As an Emergency Physician, Dr. Bierman became renowned for performing painless procedures, like simple injections, laceration repairs, and even childbirth. But his studied words and gestures did far more than prevent pain, they also produced astonishing physical outcomes: dangerous heart rhythms converted to normal, hemorrhages arrested and constricted airways dilated.

In private practice, Dr. Bierman went further along “the communication continuum” to forestall auto-immune diseases, shrink deadly tumors, relieve depression and ensure bloodless surgeries. Many of his cures seem like miracles. And yet, as Dr. Bierman explains, they are the inevitable consequence of a new and expanded understanding of disease causality and the focused power of ideas to access our Healer Within.

If you are looking to sustain your health or retain your personal sovereignty in times of illness, HEALING: Beyond Pills & Potions will teach you how to achieve those worthy goals. If you are a caregiver, regardless of your specialty, HEALING: Beyond Pills & Potions will improve your outcomes and bring new excitement and gratification to your work.

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