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02-22-22 How To Heal A Broken Heart- Getting Over Past Relationships

Time isn’t always a healer. In this episode Lily shares her insights on how to overcome heartbreak and getting over past relationships.

The truth is there’s a few things to understand before you are fully healed from a break up, this can speed up the time it takes you to heal and it can help you to avoid bringing in excess baggage into your future relationship.

During this episode you will learn:

> The myths about healing – are they really true?

> How you can heal from past relationships no matter how long ago they were

> How you know when you are moving forward

> What causes the depression and the lowness of a break up and how to overcome it.

> Why time is never a healer and is more likely an avoidance strategy to heal.

Lily Walford is an international relationship and dating coach who has supported so many professionals to heal from toxic relationships and to claim the love life they truly deserve through using behavioral psychology.

Everyone deserves love but not everyone knows how to get it, so tune in if you are ready for undeniable love that lasts.

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At the end of every episode Lily takes her time to answer your personal questions about love, dating and relationship. If you have a question you’d love to have answered, please email and we will answer it in our next episode.

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