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10-26-20 Guest Panel – Thyroid Insufficiency and Adrenal Fatigue–Carolyn Dean MD ND

Minerals play a huge part in the rehabilitation of several major hormone systems in the body. Dr. Carolyn Dean, doctor, naturopath and author of The Magnesium Miracle, refers to the adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones as a three-sided stool. When one of the legs of the stool is shortened it affects the other two. This can be seen on blood testing; when cortisol levels go up, thyroid hormone levels go down.

There is an ongoing debate among natural medicine practitioners about what comes first, adrenal fatigue or thyroid insufficiency and what do you treat first? Dr. Dean has commented that she thinks it’s a moot point because they are often not looking at one of the main causes of both conditions – mineral deficiency, which means you can treat the two conditions simultaneously.

The standard treatment for thyroid, even for natural medicine practitioners, is to give thyroid replacement therapy. It may be the more natural form of Armour thyroid, but it’s still treating with hormones instead of treating the reason the thyroid became weakened in the first place. An overwhelming number of our customers now agree –  most low thyroid conditions are caused by mineral deficiency.

Treating disease in a linear format, one thing at a time is not consistent with the way the body works, where everything is interrelated and works synergistically.

It’s usually agreed that the most common reasons for adrenal fatigue and dysfunction are poor diet, mineral deficiency, intense emotional stress, chronic inflammation and an underactive thyroid. But what’s causing the inflammation and underactive thyroid and what diet is feeding into the problem?

It’s well-known and regarded by most of the public that a diet of refined sugars, high-gluten wheat, and processed dairy is unhealthy but did you know feeding your body these foods may also result in yeast overgrowth? Diet, antibiotics, and cortisol from acute and chronic emotional stress may cause yeast overgrowth as well.

There are 178 different yeast toxins that are produced by yeast in their life cycle. These toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream and lead to a chronic inflammatory state that can cause arthritis, chronic fatigue, and pain. Magnesium and molybdenum help detoxify yeast toxins. Some yeast toxins can directly block thyroid function and possibly adrenal function as well. The best anti-inflammatory agent available to the body is magnesium. When magnesium is depleted because of being overused, adrenal fatigue symptoms continue unabated.

The treatment for adrenal fatigue begins with sodium, which is vitally important for proper adrenal function. If your adrenal glands are weak or depleted as indicated by exhaustion, low blood pressure and chronic stress, there is a combined sodium and magnesium depletion. If you start taking large doses of magnesium without replacing sodium, you may feel even worse.  Dr. Dean recommends ¼ tsp of sea salt in every quart of drinking water. How much water? Half your body weight in ounces of water.

The best diet for the adrenals is a yeast-free diet avoiding sugar, wheat, and dairy to cut down on the body-wide inflammation that yeast produces. Magnesium will also treat inflammation. The adrenals are supported with vitamin C and potassium commonly referred to as the adrenal cocktail. Using the vitamin C ReSet and Pico Potassium provide the body with properly measured, bioavailable nutrients is a delicious form.

Some practitioners suggest that you have to take DHEA and pregnenolone for adrenal repair, but Dr. Dean’s suggestion are more simple. Instead of immediately jumping to hormone replacement, let’s use the proper building blocks to make our own hormones. For example, transdermal magnesium using ReMag Lotion on the skin will stimulate DHEA receptors. You need cholesterol to make hormones like pregnenolone and for cholesterol so you need good fats such as olive oil and coconut oil.

The most overlooked aspect of making your own hormones is properly functioning enzyme systems. And we know that in order for enzyme systems to function properly you need lots of bioavailable magnesium and minerals.

An underactive thyroid is a trigger for adrenal fatigue and has its own list of causes that include thyroid receptor blockage due to yeast toxins. So, the diet for an underactive thyroid is the same as for adrenal fatigue. The body requires 9 minerals to make thyroid hormones and all those minerals are found in their proper biological ratios in Dr. Dean’s formula, ReMyte.

The sex hormones are also supported by minerals and the proper function of the thyroid and adrenals. DHEA stimulation by transdermal magnesium will stimulate the production of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

If you suffer from adrenal fatigue and thyroid insufficiency, the information in his blog is enough to get you started on the road to recovery.

Extra sleep, rest, sea salt and high dose magnesium work to help alleviate adrenal fatigue. But it’s also important to face the cause of your stress and realize your body may be producing physical symptoms as a result of this stress.

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