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growing-courageThe Seeds of Courage Are Inside You. We learn from observing the past as well as current events and conversations, even if they are not our direct experiences. Growing Courage is about applying the wisdom gained and shared by others to our own lives. In this book, you will gain… • Understanding of the many faces of courage • Inspiration to grow and nurture your own courage • Wisdom gained from others’ experiences in life • Keys to developing courage • Encouragement to apply knowledge of the past to enlighten your future “A profound and well-thought-out teaching on courage…” ~Therese Emmanuel Grey, author of The Four Faces of God Shine through Me “Alberta has an uncanny knack of getting through the obvious to nourish the inner life.” ~Janette Mathis, co-founder, Inner Artz: Images that Elevate “By helping us to recognize the many ways we are already acting courageously, Alberta empowers us to even greater works.” ~Rev. Linda Czaplinski “Alberta wholeheartedly seeks to help you know and face your day of ‘Courage’ with personal success.” ~Brian Emmanuel Grey, co-author of The Psychology of Success “You will want to keep this precious little book close to your heart. “ ~Caroline Hanstke, author of The Science of the Conversion of the Holy Spirit in the New Jerusalem “The wisdom in these pages will call forth new courage and help you walk boldly through any circumstance.” ~Lynne Klippel, best-selling author of Overcomers, Inc.

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