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Retreat to Peace09-16-20 Intro and GROW Through What You GO Through Part 2

Candice joins us again to talk about specific tools you can use TODAY to help yourself move through these difficult days.

Catherine is on a journey to build a bridge around the globe, that creates healing in a time when the world needs it most. She created a safe space allowing others to Retreat to Peace. This is a place where together we can face our own internal darkness with a focus on self-care. Self-care is vitally important for addressing mental health and is necessary for a brighter tomorrow, as people heal they heal the world.

Podcast Speaker: Candice Winter
Candice Winter is from Ireland. She works with cancer and arthritis patients and shares with us how she coaches them through. And in this podcast we talk about how you can manage through difficult times.

“YOU are the only one who can get YOU through it.”

Learn more about Catherine here:

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