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04-11-18 Grief on an Intimate Level

It’s easy to live our SPARKLE when everything is going our way, but what about when really bad things happen? Not just bad hair days, but things like death and other significant losses. We can’t simply think our way out of grief. Grief is a complex emotion that needs to be dealt with on an emotional level as well as on a cognitive level. Additionally, there isn’t one specific protocol or treatment that works for all people.

Join Lora as she discusses grief with Hollie, a beautiful woman who not only has experienced significant grief and loss in her own life, but who spent ten years working in an assisted living home, where she dealt with grief and loss on a professional level as well.

Although grief is not enjoyable to talk about, it is profoundly healing to be able to witness grief on such an intimate level, and to see, as well as feel, what others go through, and how they deal with the grief process.

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