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Goose Granddaddy

Life Continues on Little Puddle Pond!

Grandpa Geezer Goose, affectionately called Grampy, was the oldest goose on Little Puddle Pond. Grampy, a legendary storyteller, knew every goose and gosling on the pond and was loved by all.

Grampy displayed his zest for fun when he taught the goslings how to do a soaring-swirling-somersault dive into a gigantic pile of leaves! Harry Honker and Professor Foray were impressed by Grampy’s gusto, especially for a goose his age!

As autumn days grew colder, the flock learned of Grampy’s terrible tuckered-out tiredness. Everyone pitched in to help their beloved Grampy.

Meanwhile, Grampy groomed Mother Goose to become the pond’s new storyteller. Grampy made a promise to watch over Little Puddle Pond after he was gone and to send a sign meant to lighten their hearts.

Favorite stories about Grampy are still told today, for the flock will never forget Grampy and how he was always young at heart.

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