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Goodbye Little DudeGoodbye Little Dude is the remarkable story about seven-year-old Jonathan, his classmates, and a pet turtle named Little Dude. While Jonathan is unable to care for his beloved turtle on his own, Little Dude thrives and grows under the tender care of Jonathan’s classmates. Together, they all learn that kindness, hope, and love are part of saying goodbye.

Goodbye Little Dude is unique to the children’s book market as it focuses on the loss of a class pet, and the implied loss of a beloved child. The unique nature of the subject matter is sensitive and is best suited for a young child that is faced with the loss of a loved one in his or her life.

All profits from the sale of Goodbye Little Dude will go to childhood-cancer research.

With the uncertainty of Covid 19, it is now more than ever that children need some positive reassurance that saying goodbye and letting go will be okay. Goodbye Little Dude is the perfect true story written to address the often-difficult lessons about loving, letting go, and beginning again.

This beautifully written and illustrated book introduces children to seven-year-old Jonathan, who is battling cancer though the word “cancer” never appears in the book. Jonathan finds a baby turtle, “Little Dude,” whom he shares with his first-grade class. Throughout the school year, the children care for both Jonathan and the turtle. In late spring, they realize that Little Dude is too big to stay in his tank, so Jonathan and his classmates bravely set him free into a nearby pond. Once he is set free, Little Dude happily swims away to a new beginning with other turtles. While they are sad to say goodbye, the children are reassured that he will thrive.

This book taps into the honest and loving nature of children and their courage as they face life’s most difficult reality. It will reassure children and parents alike with its simple message of kindness, hope and love. Goodbye Little Dude is the perfect book for helping children cope during these times of uncertainty when children must adapt and let go of so much while continuing to move forward with their lives. It will inspire children to care for others and will bring a tear to the eye of the adult reader.

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