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07-28-21 God Is Not Dead Movie Talk

If you ask people, if you had a choice to live a happy life, would you take it? If you had that choice to live a life that’s peaceful and joyful, that’s free from fear, free from anger, free from hatred, free from guilt, would you take it? That seems on the surface, like something you would want. Deep down everybody wants to be happy, It’s just that there is a lot of confusion in a “split” mind, that doesn’t know what it is and therefore doesn’t know what anything is.

Jesus has assured us that when you don’t know who you are, you don’t know anything. Because who you are is the point of everything. And if you’ve forgotten your spiritual reality and you believe in the ego. Then, you believe in an imposter. An imposter, to spirit, lost in time and space, and wondering about, like a feather dancing in the wind. Wondering where you’re going to find stability, meaning, purpose, and happiness.

If we want to know love, we would want to know God as ourselves as pure love. Jesus is telling us that love and life are synonymous and that life is eternal. Life is life in God, not in form.

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