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Kerri Hummingbird12-02-20 Global Healing Series:  Kerri Hummingbird

Diane interviews Kerri Hummingbird on this Global Healing Episode. Kerri shares her insights from her International Best Seller: The Second Wave.  Kerri is a soul guide.  She found her way into Shamanic healing after suffering more than 20 years with trauma and emotional pain.  Diane shares the impact her trauma had on her body and feelings of feminine shame and unworthiness.  Diane shares a special blessing dance inspired by Shylah Ray’s song “Sacredness.” Diane dedicates this song and dance to those that have been abused.  Kerri explains the impact our healing journey has on the generations of people around us.  Diane shares her Crappy to Happy story on this episode bringing to light the impact abuse and childhood trauma has on individuals.  They share their stories to give us inspiration and hope during this stressful time in our lives.  They end this episode with a beautiful Sacred Space Meditation led by Kerri.

Kerri Hummingbird, Soul Guide, inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. She catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom with her Reinvent Yourself programs for individual and group mentoring. She is the international best-selling author of “The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama” and the award-winning best-selling book “Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love” which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening. She has served as a social activist, leader, and philanthropist for over three decades. She is the Founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement and Host of Soul Nectar Show.

Kerri Hummingbird Sami
Soul Guide
Founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement
Host of Soul Nectar Show
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Award-winning memoir, Awakening To Me
From We To Me: Emerging Self After Divorce

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