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01-14-21 Global Healing Series: DeStress the Holidays 2021

Diane shares inspiration to empower us for a prosperous year in 2021 by taking us on a journey through 2020.  This episode brings light to the triggers and challenges that impacted her throughout the year as she worked up her courage to share her abuse story with her family.  She helps us recognize that as humans we experience stress during our journey of evolution to help us evolve and find our purpose.  We each have our own hardships, trauma and unresolved issues from our past that revisits us during stressful times.  And the emotions associated with these subconscious limitations are processed each time an obstacle arises in our lives. She reminds us that those closest to us are great at triggering us because of the history we share.  But the truth is that we allow this stress to build inside us by giving our power and control away.

Diane takes us through a unique audio clip journey taken throughout 2020 as she worked up her courage to share her truth and overcome her biggest obstacle. She takes us through several adorable audio clips on part 1: cooking veggies, using essential oils, breath work and tackling fears.  She reminds us of the power of forgiveness and self-forgiveness on a journey of healing.  She also shares a variety of tools and strategies to help us relieve stress: art therapy, dance release, pet therapy, detoxing, journaling, color therapy, affirmations, yoga, 7-Day Stress Cleanse, etc.  Diane invites you to take Global Healing to the next level by sponsoring her mindfulness travel series or her new venture to launch a non-profit in 2021. Stay tuned for the last 2 episodes: Mindset & Mindfulness for a Prosperous 2020 and Orgazmik Healing the Power of Crystal Therapy.

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