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01-07-22 Awakened Soul Story Glenn Ambrose

Glenn and I met about 8 years ago – we both attended several Meditation and Healing Event in the Connecticut & Rhode Island Areas.  I consider him a kind and gentle Awakened Soul.  He recently moved his life from Rhode Island to the Dominican Republic!  How exciting.

Glenn Ambrose is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Author of the book Down To Earth – The Spiritual Being’s Guide to a Happy, Human Experience and Host of the international podcast “Life, Lessons, & Laughter with Glenn Ambrose”.

About Glenn:
International podcast host and Life Coach, Glenn Ambrose combines years of insights and teaching for the creation of this book and offers you the information most sought after by clients, readers, and listeners alike. Spirituality and human nature can be complex and confusing, so this guide is given to you in a clear, pragmatic way to ensure easy comprehension and practical use. It offers you the chance to truly grasp the joy, peace, and fulfillment we all seek and innately know is out there.

Do you feel like you’re living life but missing the information necessary for true happiness and fulfillment? Do you feel like someone threw you into life without the user’s manual? It’s hard to play a game when you don’t know the rules—especially when it’s the game of life! I’m happy to say: here’s your guide.

This book provides you with these indispensable gifts:

· Clarity on spiritual law, how it governs the Universe & our individual lives
· Deep understanding of the ever-changing reality we live in
· Practical techniques for implementing spirituality in our human lives

It’s like getting the Cliffs Notes for life!

“True happiness and fulfillment depend on successfully integrating our spiritual nature with our human existence which means we need a clear understanding of both aspects. The intention of this book is to explain spiritual and human nature in a down to earth, relatable way and give you the information necessary to get in the game of life and enjoy it! This information can radically shift the perspectives that determine your reality, allowing you to engage in a fulfilling and joyful experience—here and now.”

He also recently launched a new social media platform called Loving Nation which can be found at

Glenn’s linktree site that contains all of his links:

Glenn Ambrose
Life Coach

There is only Love and absence of Love;
I choose Love
~Glenn Ambrose

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