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Girls Play Football Too, author Jeria ArthurJayah loves football. Not everyone in the neighborhood believes she can play the game. Jayah is determined to show them that girls play football, too.

Jeria “Ace” Arthur, from Conyers, GA, is the mother of two, a professional women’s football player and gym owner. Her daughter, Jayah, and son, Jayce, are the children in this story and a huge inspiration for this book series!

Ace owns a health and wellness building called ACEquarters, where her brand, Ace Athletics, is housed and where she trains her clients to live healthier lifestyles and athletes to perform at their highest level.

The WFLA, the first women’s football league that will pay its players, will make its debut in early 2022! Ace plays wide receiver and running back for the Atlanta Amazons.

She lives by the phrase, “There is no limit to what you can achieve.” If you can see it in your mind, then you will hold it in your hand! Keep striving to be your very best!

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