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Rick Osborne04-20-23 Gang Violence and Mental Trauma with Rick Osborne

Scarlett’s special guest, Rick Osborne, is an ex-gang member who spent 25 years in the penitentiary and has spent the past decade working with at-risk youth. Rick grew up in a good family yet a poor decision led him down a path of heroin use, incarceration, gang violence and mental trauma.

Rick now spends much of his time speaking to youth about the dangers of drugs, gangs and prison. Scarlett worked with Rick from 2010 through 2011. He has spoken at several Choose Love schools and the kids reacted positively and opened up to him. Rick feels inspired to talk to youth about gangs and drug abuse largely because he started down that road in grade nine. Rick comes from a place of love as he speaks to youth about staying on the right path. Scarlett and Rick discuss ‘post-traumatic growth’ which is the foundation of the Choose Love Movement and that challenges are there to help you grow. Listen to this inspiring podcast today.

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