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12-15-21 The Birth of Holiness and a Tabula Rasa state of mind with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu

A Course in Miracles is about learning the principle of the miracle and then transferring it to the specifics of your daily life. So we love to be practical. Jesus says in the Course that there is no world apart from what you think, and then he goes so far as to say there is no world period. So that gives you an idea of how deep the hallucination is. So first of all, if I’m seeing something that’s not even there, that’s a predicament. And then if I’m categorizing and judging this thing that’s not even there and feeling all bent out of shape with all kinds of emotions, about this hallucination that’s not even there, then I need to start to be practical and learn to listen to the guidance and be intuitive. And that’s what Tabula Rasa and this online retreat are all about.”

Enjoy David and Frances’s opening talk at the December Tabula Rasa Online Weekend Retreat.

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