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06-15-22 You Are Entitled to The Holy Instant – The Opening Talk from “This Holy Instant” Online Retreat with David Hoffmeister & Frances Xu.

There’s no learning in heaven. God created you perfect. The spirit doesn’t learn. So when we think about the Holy Instant, the Holy Instant is not learned. So we’re entering into a whole different realm than human beings have ever known because all humans have ever known is the past repeating itself day after day. The ego has programmed us, and you may believe you have free will in this world, but that’s all a projection from the unconscious mind. So if you sometimes feel like a robot, like you’re just doing the same things repeatedly, it’s because the ego invented time and space.

You see, we are brought up with a curriculum in judgment. If you go to school, you’re learning a curriculum in judgment; even before you go to school, your parents and your siblings teach you a curriculum in judgment. Don’t do this. Treat people this way. You know, it’s full of judgments, and then we reach a point where we would rather pray, listen and follow the Spirit than judge, react and respond to the ego. Do you see the difference between those two modalities in the mind? That’s what we’re going for today.

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