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06-07-22 Food Forest Abundance

Guest Jim Gale, Chief Storyteller, Food Forest Abundance

Imagine your home surrounded by an edible forest landscape!  A “food forest“ is a diverse, perennial garden that mimics a forest ecosystem. Through layers of horticultural design, life extends in all directions producing food, medicine, sanctuary, and habitat. A well-designed permaculture food forest incorporates seven layers of edible plants, including fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines, rhizomes, mushrooms, and perennial vegetables. A food forest embraces the principles of permaculture, which are about working with natural ecosystems, rather than against them. It is thoughtfully planned to produce maximum nutrition, beauty and abundance.

Jim GaleJim Gale, Chief Storyteller at Food Forest Abundance is goal-oriented and visionary. At age 29, he established the goal of retiring in 3 years; he created a mortgage company that reached $1.3B in sales, attaining his goal. Upon retiring, Jim bought a boat, lived on the ocean for a year, and then moved to Costa Rica to build eco-villages. This is where he discovered permaculture and began to envision every household in the world with an abundant food garden. This big vision quickly evolved into Food Forest Abundance. It is a brilliant concept about sovereignty, entrepreneurship, mindset, freedom, and lots and lots of really delicious, nutritious food!


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