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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan02-05-24 Fashioning an Empire of Style and Resilience with Yolanda Cellucci

Dive into the heart of resilience and timeless style on Episode 53 of “Look for the Good,” airing Monday, February 5, 2024, at both 5 AM and 5 PM ET, featuring the incomparable Yolanda Cellucci—Boston’s First Lady of Fashion. With a career that blossomed in the 60s and 70s, Yolanda built a fashion empire that has endured the test of time. Now at 89, she continues to lead a life brimming with passion and unwavering vitality, proving that age is but a number when it comes to pursuing one’s passions.

In this must-listen episode, Yolanda offers a rare glimpse into the dedication and intuition that propelled her to the pinnacle of the fashion industry. She delves into her journey of creating an enduring legacy, sharing invaluable insights from her latest book, “Beyond the Glitz and Glamour.” Discover Yolanda’s life philosophy of serving others and how this ethos has been her cornerstone of happiness and success.

Join us for an inspiring conversation with a true fashion visionary who reveals the secrets to building a lasting business and navigating life’s toughest challenges with an indomitable spirit. This episode is a testament to the power of facing life’s adversities with grace and determination. It’s not the challenges we face, but how we confront them that defines our journey. Tune in to be inspired by a legend who embodies the essence of overcoming and thriving on Monday 2/5/24 at 5am and 5pm only on Dreamvisions7Radio Network.

Yolanda CellucciBIO: Yolanda Cellucci is a successful self-made businesswoman, fashion icon, and pillar of the Massachusetts Commonwealth. For more than four decades, Yolanda ran a couture fashion and bridal empire, the iconic Yolanda’s in Waltham, MA. She both set and defied fashion trends, while also blazing a train for women in the retail and fashion industries. Yolanda is the mother of Linda and Sondra, devoted wife to Dan and proud member of the Italian-American community. Yolanda serves on numerous boards and is a tireless advocate and active supporter for countless charitable and philanthropic organizations. She is a personal shopper, speaker, fashion consultant, and host of the show, Yolanda Style & Glamour on WCAC-TV. She resides in Watertown, MA.

Find Yolanda’s book about her life, Beyond the Glitz and Glamour, here: Amazon

Find her children’s book in her daughter Linda Cole’s memory here: Lindy Lou and Her Dancing Shoes

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