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04-04-22 Farm to School

Guests Karin Wetherill, Co-Director of RI Healthy Schools Coalition, and

Stephanie Bush, Community Education and Farm to School Director at Farm Fresh Rhode Island

Farm to School initiatives enrich the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at schools. Students gain access to locally-sourced foods, as well as education opportunities that include school gardens, cooking lessons, taste testing new foods, and farm field trips.

The RI Farm to School Network engages partners across the state of Rhode Island to develop, expand, and strengthen these kinds of programs, which serve to:

1) improve public health and the local economy

2) support local farmers and food producers

3) build community

Lead partners in this network include RI Healthy Schools Coalition and Farm Fresh Rhode Island. The episode begins by taking a story walk back in time, circa 1900, for a glimpse of what “farm to school” looked like 120 years ago. As we undergo a revival in bringing local fresh food back into our schools, two special guests will share what “farm to school” looks like today, and why it has regained importance. In a sense, we are digging up some ancestral roots and replanting them new soil.

Karin Wetherill is the Co-Director of RI Healthy Schools Coalition. She has been working collaboratively with state agencies, community partner organizations, school district leadership and wellness committees for over 15 years to advance healthy culture change in schools. Her knowledge of policy, regulation, and evidence-based practices, coupled with her community engagement and advocacy skills, have helped to improve health and education outcomes for RI children.

Stephanie Bush is the Community Education and Farm to School Director at Farm Fresh Rhode Island. She is a Registered Dietitian who has been involved in food security, community nutrition education, child nutrition, and K-12 work for the last 8 years. Her goals are to encourage food literacy among Rhode Islanders and empower them to make informed food choices that support their individual health and the health of their communities.


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