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07-06-21 Expert Business Panel

Kat Kanavos interviews Business Experts and authors Frank Zaccari , Dr. Sally and Nathan Perez on the Secrets to Leadership, Networking and Love for Success in our business and personal life. After working from home during the COVID epidemic, many “workers” have switched hats and become “entrepreneurs.” How do successful business people network, become leaders, and balance home and business success? Is it possible to network in 20 minutes? And how do the experts make success look so easy? You decide as our expert panel answers these questions with poignant true stories. Find inspiration for your business and personal life as you gain a deeper insight into the meaning of Success.

Guests: Dr. Sally Adukwu-Bolujoko, Nathan A Perez,  Frank Zaccari

Dame Sally Nkem Adukwu-Bolujoko, PhD, FNIM, CNIM, OON. says, “Praise is like fire—a good servant but a bad master.” Dr. Sally is the author of many books, including her latest published by WEBE Books, Leading Without Title: Real Life Leadership Philosophy That Works. She’s a speaker, a seasoned administrator, educationist, management consultant, community leader and loving mum. A committed Christian, Dame Sally’s life mission is to serve and worship God- a difficult endeavor during these challenging times. She is the Founder of Ministry of Divine Empowerment, an NGO, through which she touches the lives of orphans and widows. Dr. Sally Adukwu-Bolujoko was conferred the prestigious national award of the Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON) by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Dr. Adukwu-Bolujoko’s book captures the tribal and religious conflicts; the rift between privileged bureaucrats and average people, and the incessant fighting that has held back the great potential of Africa’s most populous country. It underscores the tragic plight of Christians and women, in particular, struggling to survive in the cultural crossfire of a nation on the brink.”~Peter Canova-International award-winning author of Pope Annalisa Learn more here:

Nathan A Perez- Nathan A. Perez is the award-winning author of The 20-Minute Networking Meeting which offers step-by-step guidance on how to make networking really work for you, and relieve your hesitancy. Whether you are doing your networking online over Zoom or having a face-to-face meeting, those 20 minutes can change your life and make you stand out ahead of others who are stymied by the tepid job market during a pandemic. Nathan is a national speaker and executive career and job-search coach at Career Innovation. He brings to his clients a rare viewpoint on networking, job-search and career development. A formally trained actor with a BFA in Theatre, Nathan’s 20-year career in the arts was supported by simultaneously developing a business career, which involved an inordinate amount of resumes, networking meetings and interviews in multiple business and industries. Utilizing that background, Nathan tied together his deep live audience experience with nearly two decades in the executive search industry, delivering webinars, seminars and guest speaking engagements each year on the topics of networking, job search, and career development. Learn more here

Frank Zaccari- is the author of many books including his latest Business Secrets for Walking on Water, published by WEBE Books. He is an engaging key note speaker and written communicator, with a successful history of guiding companies through transitions and turnaround environments. One of his favorite quotes is, “The secret to walking on water is to know where the rocks are. Frank will help you find the rocks..”

Frank has had a long and successful career as a professional problem solver committed to growth and process improvement. He has helped countless organizations to quickly determine what is and isn’t working, make the necessary changes, create a foundation and establish processes and procedures to sustain success. Frank also hosts a TV/ROKU show called Life Altering Events, many of which are used as examples in his book. Frank says, “These life altering events occur in every aspect of our professional, personal, and family lives. Life altering events present us with opportunities to seize the moment and make difference in our own life, and those of our loved ones, friends, and business associates.” Learn more here:

Teaser- How has the pandemic changed the business industry and leadership? You decide as our Expert Business Panel answers these questions and much more from a Personal Perspective that includes poignant true stories on challenges facing Christianity, education, and leadership in Nigeria that is mirrored worldwide. She will help you find inspiration for your life as you gain a deeper insight into the meaning of Leadership without Titles.

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