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03-07-24 How To Enhance Your Life, Improve Your Relationships, and Uplevel Your Business Success with Human Design

Tune into this episode of Business Success with Human Design and hear sage advice from three heart centered entrepreneurs who dove deep into learning their Human Design through readings and the Human Design 101 course, then made tweaks and changes based on what they learned that led to big impacts in their lives, with their families and in the success they have working with their clients in their business. This episode is filled with tips and insights that can help everyone navigate their world with ease and flow and step into an abundant business.


Lisa Hromada is an Empowered Lifeview™ Guide, Life Transformation Mentor, and creator of Love is the Seed™ empowering women to harness the power of their mind and align with their soul, so they can navigate their challenges and reclaim their joy. Through her Empowered Lifeview™ philosophy, she guides women to access their higher potential, get tangible results, and align with their higher life path. She is also the author of two enlightening and soul-inspiring books and a contributing author to two International Bestselling books in women’s empowerment. You can access free spirit led gifts from Lisa at

Jacki Mariest Health and Well-being Coach, Certified Functional Medicine Coach, Registered Nurse, Certified Qigong Coach and Instructor, she entered the world of medicine with a nursing degree and quickly realized it wasn’t healthcare, it was sick care.
Learning about the mind body emotion connection, she embarked upon a path to help herself and her clients heal from emotional turmoil that can lead to disease. Jacki has been practicing Qigong for over 20 years. It has helped her quiet her mind, open her heart and listen to her body and she most enjoys teaching clients to do the same. Find our more about Jacki at

Carrie Rowan is an International Best-Selling Author of Tell A New Story and an award winning singer/songwriter. She is also a certified coach and founder of the STORY method of transformation, teaching you to reduce your stress and live more joyfully by rewriting a new and empowering story of your life. She is a Speaker/Edutainer: uniquely combining the power of learning through provocative storytelling with live music to connect you with the material on a deeper emotional level. Rowan spent a decade working for Fortune 500 companies before jumping off the corporate ladder to pursue her creative endeavors and inspire others to follow their passions. Find out more about Carrie at

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