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Diane Vich09-17-20 Energy Medicine and Yoni Health

Diane takes us into a deeper look at her 7 day Cleanse as she guides us through the body’s natural healing potential. She inspires us with Chapter 10: Energy Medicine and Yoni Health.  She absolutely loves this chapter because it was one of the crucial elements in her healing journey.  Yoni health embodies the most important lessons she shares in her programs.  Pelvic health is important for women and men.  Diane shed’s light on the importance of tackling stress in the pelvis using unique techniques and multisensory experiences. She shares some simple strategies to release stress, anxiety and emotions from the body.  She uses yoni eggs in her program to help her clients release stress, enhance pelvic blood flow and improve pelvic health.  The yoni egg adds a crucial multisensory aspect to her meditations as she guides her clients to relax with cues to breath and kegel.  These targeted sensory experiences anchor the sensations in the subconscious to release those self-limiting and negative thoughts more efficiently.  In the second half of the episode, she also shares an orgazmik meditation.  She focuses this multisensory hypnosis meditation on 4 chakras (crown, third eye, heart and root).  She guides us through a beautiful visualization of Sicily that brings in the magical colors of nature into the body.  She also invites us to take the experience to the next level by using our 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound).  The brief meditation invigorates the body as the senses of sight, sound and touch are evoked with her magical voice.   She invites you to join the 7 Day Stress Cleanse to experience the 60 minute orgazmik meditation for the full chakra and multisensory experience.

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