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09-21-22 Where is this all going -The End of Anxiousness and Deferral

The belief in choice is unconscious for most people. In the world, the choice is considered a positive thing. And the more choices, the better. It’s associated with lots of things. Freedom, happiness, joy, and peace, but it’s not the choice or the choices of this world that bring freedom or happiness and peace.

What Jesus means by choice is that the greatest gift God bestowed on his son, referring to the sleeping Christ, is that the mind that changed into believing it could be something other than what God created can now switch back into accepting what God did create. From a personality identity to a spirit identity, to an I Am identity, to an eternal identity. So that’s what the whole point is.

Jesus is asked the question in the Course How will the world end? He answers the question with a question. Can what has no beginning have an end? So you can see from the perspective of the spirit that it’s just about undoing the question, How will the world end? Can what has no beginning have an end? That’s the question that comes back from Jesus. Clearly. He’s pointing us to undoing the question because who we are is not a question mark. Who we are is a reality. Our identity is a reality, not a question at all.

Enjoy David’s nighttime talk in which he answer 2 questions. One about how to deal with anxiety and the second about deferral.

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The audio was recorded in Living Miracles Monastery in Utah on September 5, 2022.

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