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03-10-21 Embracing the Present Moment 

Well today we have a very profound topic, embracing the presence. It doesn’t matter what spiritual tradition or religion you come from, whether you are a course in miracles practitioner or not. All of the perennial wisdom, and all of the saints and mystics and teachers, emphasize the present moment. The mystery is in entering into it because the mind has conditioned itself through an ego belief system. It has invented its own version of the present moment, which is not the present moment. The ego doesn’t know what the present moment is so it has to make and invent because it doesn’t understand divine love. It makes up romance and sex to substitute for divine love. It makes up electricity to substitute for the divine nature essence of spirit, it makes up words to take the place of divine communion with your Creator, which is pure stillness, it’s pure telepathic communications there are no words involved, between Christ and the Creator God. So today we’re going to explore the topic of embracing the present moment. Another way of saying that would be discovering the present moment. You can’t embrace something unless you discover it. As a human being you look around your surroundings right now, and you look at your environment. You look at the body, and you look at the television or computer screen. you look at your partner, your furniture. The walls that surround you. The ego would say this is where you are presently. You are presently engaged in a Zoom conference call. It’s not really true. This is part of the trick. The ego has convinced the mind that it knows what the present is. It says the present is what the images look like right now. The only thing is the ego doesn’t even know what is right now. So, actually, the present moment is not this image-making. Right now, we have to go deeper. Much much deeper to find the actual present moment. In the mind, that’s asleep there’s a belief system generated by the ego and it’s all based on past learning. So, when you look around at your environment right now and you see a computer screen or something, some images in the Zoom Room, that is a projection of past learning that has absolutely nothing to do with the present moment. Even when teachers like Eckhart Tolle ask you to just look around and be aware of everything in your environment. Be aware of your breathing. Be aware of the temperature. Be aware of the sights and sounds and smells. That’s just the very very beginning of starting to quiet your mind to sink down beneath all ego thoughts and sink deeply enough to find the present moment. To find the light. Because the present moment is synonymous with light.

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