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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan09-11-23 Embracing Pain to Rediscover Yourself with Carie Bailey

Episode Summary: Have you ever felt an emotional void, as though a fragment of you vanished? Dive deep with us on Episode 31, as we explore the hidden sources of emotional pain with the insightful Carie Bailey. Drawing from years of research, Carie unveils secrets of her personal transformation that lead her to uncovering healing techniques to turn pain into a path of rediscovery. Prepare for a heartfelt conversation that may leave you in profound reflection. Join us on Monday, September 11, 2023, at 5am and 5pm on Dreamvisions7Radio Network. Let Carie’s powerful story guide you towards your own healing. It’s a journey you won’t want to miss.

Carie BaileyBio: Carie Bailey has discovered the hidden root cause of emotional pain and the breakdown of relationships, and how to use these challenges as a portal into remembering our Divine identity and purpose, and LOVING in a higher way.

Carie partners with those who feel called to make a difference in the world to develop the ability to recognize and ignite the light within others through “Transcendent Relationships”.

Carie Bailey is ushering in a new level of consciousness and functioning through relationships by disrupting the human default setting that causes disconnection.

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