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EATING YOUR WAY to LOW CHOLESTROL A cookbook, yes and so much more! -Presents a positive, upbeat approach to lowering your cholesterol. -Takes the confusion out of cholesterol medical terms. – Offers valuable information on children and cholesterol. -Gives precise guidelines and tips regarding exercise and weight. Finally, an alternative to drugs and tasteless foods for high cholesterol! Ms. Serpa has found a way-actually hundreds of ways-to make lowering your cholesterol pleasurable. Her masterfully crafted meals are a sure recipe for cholesterol-lowering success, with something for every palate and occasion. Kimberly Beauchamp, ND, Providence Nutrition Examiner It is always heartening to me, in an age where prescription drugs are often considered the panacea, when a patient takes her healing into her own hands. Jeannie Serpa`s recipes are delicious. She even includes a section on children`s recipes. Her practical approaches to lowering cholesterol will inspire many more to do the same. Carla Cesario, MD I would recommend this book to all my nutrition clients with and without high cholesterol. The recipes are nutritionally sound and her use of herbs, spices and other seasonings take the “boring” out of healthy eating! Cindy Lewis, RD, LDN, MS Jeannie Serpa writes in a no nonsense style on how to modify your eating habits and increase your daily exercise routine. You can lower your cholesterol without taking medications. She shares with you 225 recipes that are tasty and easy to follow. I recommend this wonderful healthy source of information for a better life style. Normand Leclair, Chef/Cookbook Author


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