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05-12-20 “Dreams and Quantum Spirituality”

Peter Canova is here to explain and discuss Quantum Spirituality: Science, Spirit, and the Path to Higher Consciousness.  Is science catching up to our past? Quantum Spirituality has been a part of our lives since the beginning of time, but now we are proving that it truly exists. Multi- award winning author Peter Canova is here to share his research and stories about how Quantum Spirituality is not a New Age concept but rather reality being scientifically and spiritually rediscovered in modern times. It is back to the future on a spiritual magic carpet ride.

Bio: From the time he first experienced phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, intuitive medical readings, and psychic healing, Peter Canova has spent much of his life seeking to understand the forces that link humanity together at an unseen level.

Peter’s international business background—luxury hotel development, shipping, and import/exporting—carried him around the world, giving him an insider’s view of international politics, finance, and the mentality of foreign cultures. Athens, Rome, London, the Middle East, Thailand, and Africa were the crucibles that melded business, political, and economic intrigues in Peter’s experience, giving him real life stories that could make best sellers in and of themselves.

In each of these venues, Peter also met a variety of spiritual figures, all of whom appeared in his life unsolicited and confirmed his conviction that spirit transcends the religious beliefs that tend to divide people. Love of Spirit unites them.

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