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Goddess Unleashed with Diane Vich01-16-20 Dr. Federico Martinez, Functional Medicine: IBS, Leaky Gut and Thyroid issues

Diane interviews a Functional Medicine Physician on this episode which focuses on IBS, Leaky Gut and Thyroid issues.  Dr. Federico Martinez discusses his transition into Functional medicine after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. They both state the importance of gut health in the treatment of chronic diseases and illness.  The gut is 80% of our immune system and it is crucial to support the microbiome.   Many clients that experience Leaky Gut or IBS have a multitude of extra intestinal symptoms impacting them.  These symptoms can include but are not limited to hair loss, thyroid issues, sinus infections, yeast infections, skin problems, anxiety, depression and fatigue.  Diane explains the important of a supportive diet, supplementation and stress management in her book the “The Truth about IBS and Anxiety.” Food sensitivities and an elimination diet is the crucial foundation for clients to impact their health and wellness.  They discuss the most common food sensitivities and the impact an elimination diet has on the body.  Many clients with leaky gut often develop other autoimmune conditions because the root cause of the problem is left untreated.  Dr. Martinez explains leaky gut and the impact these traveling food particles have on the body.  Many clients with digestive issues also have thyroid issues and Dr. Martinez discussed it in depth.  Stress and inflammation are significant in clients with illness and disease.  And stress plays a huge role in aging and disease.  They discuss lifestyle modifications and stress management to reduce the impact of stress on the body.  Diane is excited to bring Dr. Martinez back on a future episode to discuss Autism and Developmental Delays.

Federico Martinez M.D.BIO: Federico Martinez M.D. is a United States of America licensed Medical Doctor in the State of Florida originally from Lima-Peru who graduated from Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University Medical School where he earned his Medical and Surgeon degree. He is Board Certified Physician. He is also certified in the Advanced Endocrinology Program of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine. He is an active member of the Age Management Medicine Group a well as the Institute for Functional Medicine. He has been a Clinical Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of multiple organizations.  He is actively involved in the community to promote change in health prevention and health promotion.  He actively participates in nationwide training programs with special emphasis on Functional and Preventive Medicine, Anti-aging therapies and Aesthetics procedures holding a variety of certifications. His areas of expertise include prevention and treatment of chronic medical conditions with a multitude of specializations. You can reach his office at (786) 345-1516.

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