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10-29-20 Crappy to Happy Series- Dom Brightmon and Catherine Paour

Diane interviews Dom Brightmon and Catherine Paour on this episode of the Crappy to Happy Series. They both share inspiration stories of finding the sunshine amidst the chaos health challenges bring into our lives.

Dom shares his story about his life altering experience with his dad’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. Dom’s story began sharing his story of a near death experience with a car accident which helped him shift into a journey of personal development. The adversity tree has many branches that appear in our journey of self-discovery. His story of adversity helped him realize his new path was to become a leader and positive thinker. He realized as he cared for his father that he was in service during World War II and the hardships veterans face for healthcare benefits. He truly brings a smile to your face to listen to Dom’s story to help change your perspective and see the gift in those difficult moments. Dom shares the power of this quote: “Some gifts are wrapped in adversity.” They both agree that we learn lessons through our life experiences.  A support system is essential and finding people that uplift your spirits during difficult times. His powerful story enlightens to find the beauty in our journey to pave the way for us to evolve. They share the power of helping others aids you in your healing journey and finding your purpose in life.

Catherine brings inspiration and hope for those facing health challenges. They both agree it is important to listen to the messages our body sends and tap into our intuition. Diane and Catherine both believe advocating for yourself and finding alternative treatments for yourself are essential in a healing journey. Diane and Catherine both love hearts. Catherine shares her journey to finding “hole hearted courage.” Catherine talks about her open heart surgery and tons of complications that lead her into heart failure. Diane and Catherine both found a way into alternative healing to help support them in their journey. Diane and Catherine both had digestive issues in their journey. Diane explains the link between emotional and physical stress as we experience symptoms. Diane and Catherine both share their stories to shed light on the impact birth trauma and childhood trauma have on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Diane and Catherine share a powerful episode to empower you to advocate on your journey to wellness. You can find your way to heal by listening to your body and advocating for your health.

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