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Rev Dr.LindaDIVINE ROMANCE & PERFECT PARTNERSHIP ~ The Immortal Principles and Powers of Divine Love! is a thrilling volume of the Global Divine Consciousness series of works by The Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff. Students and readers all over the world have experienced instant illumination and great demonstrations through the awesome Truths of Infinite Majesty revealed in this bookIn this stunning book on the incomparable powers and joys of Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership, Dr. Linda offers enlightening keys on how to prepare for, recognize and attract your perfect eternal mate ~ and how to sustain your relationship forever.Whether individual or couple, learn not only how to constantly renew all your relationships spanning the wide circumference of your life, but to lift all in your world to the Highest level, and experience greater fulfillment, bliss and attainment than ever before.Ultimate Laws of Attraction, Affinity and the All Powers of Unconditional Love are revealed, for ~ there is no doubt that the greatest mantra for Divine Relationship exists in the Timeless and Immortal words ~ “Where there are two or more gathered in my name, there I am!”Discover the Sublime Qualities that Exist and Flow between Partners, whose Relationships are Exalted, Harmonized and Perfected in Divine Purpose and Love. Learn how to make these treasured values your very own.Reverend Linda speaks about the New Dynamics and Heavenly Possibilities now surfacing for us in all our relationships, spanning all areas of life. As we release old, worn-out forms and move into a Spiritualization of Relationships of All Kinds ~ With Particular Emphasis on Soul-Mates and the Exquisite Cosmic Potential of Right Now Fulfillment in Your Life !Rejoice in the Perfect Principles of Divine Love inyou, and the exalted power of Love to manifest all that is perfect and right for your Eternal Advancement into the many Mansions of Splendor, right here on earth and Forever.PART I ~ DEVELOPING DIVINE AND IMMORTAL LOVE ~ AN OVERVIEW!PART II ~ THE PREPARATION!PART III ~ MANIFESTING YOUR DIVINE AND IMMORTAL PARTNER!

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