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04-06-22 Desiring God above All Else by David Hoffmeister

The spiritual aspects of the new movie “Needle in a Time Stack”

David: “Before I got into A Course in Miracles and before I got conscious on my spiritual journey, I was reading a quote from a poet named Edwin Markham, and it hit me so strongly, and I thought, wow, there’s something to this that is deep. It said,

“There is a destiny that makes us brothers

None goes his way alone

All that we send into the lives of others

Comes back onto our own.”

Wow, that’s right. Everything I’m giving, I’m giving to myself. Everything I’m receiving, I’m receiving for everyone else. Because we’re connected, we’re the same. We are the same mind. We are an idea in the mind of God and we have the same creative abilities as Christ, because we are pure spirit.”

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