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08-05-22 Deep Relaxation, Guided Imagery, and Self-Healing: How to Make Them Work for You

Healing is the process by which we become more whole, more complete, better functioning at all levels. We recognize physical healing when bleeding stops, a wound closes, or pain goes away. But true healing includes wholeness at the mental, emotional, and behavioral level as well . . . and also at the social level.

Emotional signs that healing is needed are anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, resentment, and so forth. And most of us have too many negative feelings, even though we usually hide them from ourselves. But this works only temporarily and in time the internal stress from carrying them around in this hidden form tends to produce physical disease. Soon we see headaches, high blood pressure, cancer, allergies, infections, and so forth. And when we get sick from something else, such as flu or COVID our healing is slowed down or completely blocked.

Untreated emotional stress is also at the basis of our bad habits, addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, etc.), poor decisions, and failure. And all types of stress lead to the shortening of telomeres and shorten your life.

In this presentation, you will learn scientifically, why this all happens, and you will learn, experientially, how you can use deep relaxation, Self-awareness, guided imagery, and mental image rehearsal to go beyond symptomatic relief to Deep Healing.

You will be introduced to your subconscious mind and learn how to work in harmony with it, and get it to support your true goals in life.

“My 50 years of experience as a physician studying the holistic approach to medicine and healing, have convinced me that our medical system is not focused on healing our bodies, minds, emotions, and behaviors. Instead, its primary focus is to charge the highest possible prices for delivering symptomatic relief. (Note: I am speaking of the system, not the doctors). Its goal is to treat the symptoms of our illnesses, not the source of our illnesses.” 

― Emmett Miller, MD 

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