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Although best known for his seminal work as a co-creator of the field of holistic health and Mind-Body Medicine, Dr Miller is also a musician, physician and scientist, has earned degrees in Medicine (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) and Mathematics (Trinity College), and has been elected to Sigma Pi Sigma, National Physics Honor Society. His chief discoveries were that thoughts, emotions and mental images have profound effects on health and performance. Computer literate since the 1960s, he realised that the human biocomputer, the mind, thinks and feels the way it was programmed, and that the use of self-induced altered states (similar to meditation and hypnosis) could be used to gain access to the ‘source code’. Applying his clinical skills, wisdom and logic, he invented the first meditation tapes, called Software for the Mind. They introduced the world to deep relaxation and guided imagery, and have remained the choice of conventional as well as complementary and alternative health professionals for more than 35 years. Often described as a ‘contemporary shaman’, he is a trainer, coach, speaker and tireless worker in the service of planetary transformation through his Leadership Institute for Global Healing and Transformation (LIGHT). His book, Deep Healing; The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine, presents the results of his careful, patient-centered research into the process of healing and transformation, as it applies to health, happiness and peak performance. He maintains a practice in Los Altos, limited to Mind-Body Medicine and Peak Performance Coaching for individuals, leaders, and organizations. His current mission and vision include the development of a web-based global healing centre dedicated to catalyzing positive change and wisdom through the electronic distribution of digitized audio and visual media.

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